What is Guidance For Your Soul?

Guidance For Your Soul is a marketplace where you can find a psychic, medium, tarot/angel card reader, counsellor, life coach, psychologist, healer or spiritual teacher and book his or her services through this website. You can also list your services if you offer any of the above holistic services.

What is the Goal of Guidance For Your Soul?

Guidance For Your Soul aims to promote the South African wellness market. The site brings people together so that they can buy and sell holistic services conveniently and safely. Guidance For Your Soul provides an online marketplace for holistic practioners in and from South Africa.The site is marketed within South Africa and overseas and welcomes local and international buyers.

What is the Benefit of Guidance For Your Soul for Buyers?

Guidance For Your Soul offers a selection of advisors in one place as well as the reassurance of a refund if the buyer does not receive the purchased service. If you are purchasing a service through this website and you don't receive it within 10 days following purchase, you are eligible for a refund. Guidance For Your Soul will ensure you are refunded for your purchase provided you have informed us within 12 days after purchase that you did not receive the service. You can safely purchase from South Africa's leading advisors on this online marketplace.

What is the Benefit of Guidance For Your Soul For Sellers?

It is free to list services on Guidance For Your Soul. Reach more clients and get more business with safe payments managed and received by Guidance For Your Soul using South Africa's leading payment gateway, PayFast. Benefit from the clear payment process.

Who Launched Guidance For Your Soul?

Well known international psychic medium Kathryn Valdal Saleem, who is based in South Africa, launched the site to develop and promote the South African holisitc market.

How Does it Work?

Anyone from around the world can buy through the website even though the currency is in South African Rands (ZAR).

If a buyer hasn't received his/her, booked session within 10 days of placing his/her order, the buyer must notify Guidance For Your Soul. Guidance For Your Soul will then withhold the payment from the vendor until the issue is resolved. A refund may be issued if the vendor is unable to deliver the service. This gives buyers the reasssurance that they are purchasing through a safe system.

If you would like to list your services on the site as a vendor, you can also do so for free. Within 48 hours of receiving an order, you need to ensure you have scheduled a time to deliver the service to the buyer. If the buyer has not received your service within 10 days of placing his/her order, the buyer could be eligible for a refund.

Guidance For Your Soul adds 15% of the fees vendors charge for their products/services sold through the website.

Guidance For Your Soul issues payment to vendors on the 15th of the month for orders placed between 1 and 31st of the previous month.

Who Can List Their Services?

Any legitimate psychic, medium, tarot reader, life coach, counsellor, therapist, psychologist or other wellness or spiritual advisor or teacher. 

Spell casters or people who make false claims will be removed from the site.

Can I Publish Content on this Website?

Yes, vendors can submit articles to be considered for publication on Guidance For Your Soul. Please read the submission guidelines here.


For other queries and feedback, please go to the contact page.


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