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Gratitude Attitude

During challenging times, many people find it hard to focus on the positive. Here’s how you can be more grateful:

  • Focus on acceptance
  • Give yourself permission to pause
  • Practice mindfulness
  • Look for the blessing in the challenge
  • Find the lesson in the challenge
  • Make a gratitude list instead of a to-do list
  • Reach out to another human to help in a big or a small way
  • Volunteer or do something for others less fortunate
  • Say thank you to people who have helped you in big or small ways.
  • Thank God for each day.

When you focus on the simple things in life and on others, you soon realise how much you have to be grateful for.

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Happy Relationship 101

What makes some love relationships happy?
  • Compatibility: You need to get along and have common values and goals.
  • Commitment: Both parties need to be committed to the relationship.
  • Trust: Secure and happy relationships are built on trust.
  • Communication: How you say things, and if you listen to your partner are critical. 
  • Understanding: Understand yourself, your partner and the relationship dynamics to avoid and resolve issues.
  • Appreciation: Value each other and show it in how you talk to, respect and treat each other.
  • Time: Share life and activities together regularly.
  • Space: Give each other space.
  • Balance: Balance in daily routines, work-life balance, and in how you fit your other priorities and people into the picture also have an impact.
  • Love: Love can conquer all.
If any of the above are lacking, it may be time to re-evaluate and better understand your relationship and each other, improve communication or go to see a marriage counsellor.

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Invest in Yourself

Do you keep on giving until your cup is empty? Here are a 10 ways you can invest in yourself:
  1. Carve out time to do things you enjoy and that make you feel better about yourself.
  2. Set boundaries — protect your energy and don’t feel guilty about it.
  3. Put yourself first — your time and energy are as valuable as that of others. 
  4. Prioritize spiritual practice — prayer, meditation, time alone and self-development.
  5. Bolster your health — exercise & eat right, avoid toxic situations & people, and seek support for depression.
  6. Improve your habits and lifestyle — invest energy in improving your thought patterns, time management, or schedule.
  7. Try something new — If you’ve always wanted to take up climbing, try a new healing modality, buy yourself a deck of angel cards or sign up for a course, do it.
  8. Take time off just for you — to rest, to do that project or course you’ve been wanting to do for ages. 
  9. Take control of your finances — Break bad spending habits. Zero debt feels great. 
  10. Remind yourself of how amazing you are — Everyday, think of three things about yourself that you love.

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Feeling Depressed?

Everyone has felt depressed at some point. There is no shame in it and you don't need to suffer in silence. 

Symptoms of depression can include:

  1. Anxiety
  2. Intense sadness
  3. Fatigue
  4. Sleep problems
  5. A loss of interest in activities
  6. A hopeless outlook on life
  7. Suicidal feelings
  8. Changes in appetite or weight
  9. Self-doubt
  10. Self-judgement & other emotions.

Contact your GP or other qualified health professional for support.

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