List Your Service

Go to the Vendor Login tab on the main menu of the website.

Registering as a Vendor

On the Vendor Login page, click on ‘Don’t have an account?’

Then complete the form to register your details.

An email will be sent to your email address.

Login to your email address and click on the activation link in the email you would have received from Guidance For Your Soul.

You will then be able to login to the website on the Vendor Login page using your username and password.

Adding a Description of Your Business

Once you’ve logged in, click on 'Vendor View' in the main menu. In 'Vendor View, you can also edit your profile including uploading a photo of yourself and specifying your business name and location (city).

Adding Your Service/Product

To add your services/products, click on ‘Products.’ A new page will open up.Look on the right-hand side of the page. You’ll see a plus sign (+) with the word ‘New.’Click on the ‘+ New’ to add a new product.

It is free to list your services on this website.You can add more than one product/service. Guidance For Your Soul adds 15% of the fees vendors charge for their products/services sold through the website.

Guidance For Your Soul does not allow its advisors to offer magic, spells, or any other form of dark energy. If we find this happening or if your website promotes this sort of work your profile will be deleted and black-listed.

When listing your service/product, you’ll also need to choose a category. Place your cursor/mouse in the category box and select from the categories under the ‘Guidance For Your Soul Shop’ category. Expand by clicking on the plus sign to see the categories under the 'Guidance For Your Soul Shop.' Do not list your product in a category above the Guidance For Your Soul Shop. If you do, it won't show up on the site!

Please ensure you add the price of your service and that you describe it clearly. In the prices and taxes section, which is below the main options section (when listing your product), you need to place your price in the retail price box and you also need to click on the + sign just below (and to the right of) the retail price box and add your price there. If you don't type your price into both boxes. your price won't show up on the site.

When typing in your mobile number, please ensure you show +27 for the international code so that foreign buyers aren't confused.

Once you’ve added your service including photo and description, you can check that it is displaying by visiting the ‘Find an Advisor ‘page on the website Remember to refresh your browser.

Receiving an Order & Service Delivery

Within 48 hours of receiving an order, you need to ensure you have scheduled a time to deliver the service to the buyer. If the buyer has not received your service within 10 days of placing his/her order, the buyer could be eligible for a refund. Ideally, you should deliver your service to the buyer as soon as possible after purchase.

If a buyer hasn’t received the purchased service within 10 days of placing their order, they need to write to Guidance For Your Soul within 12 days after purchase to request a refund.

Guidance for Your Soul issues payment to vendors on the 15th of the month for orders placed between 1 and 31st of the previous month.

Receiving Your Payments

To receive your payments, you will need to email your South African bank details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that payment can be made to your account. Payments are only made to South African bank accounts. Your information is always kept confidential and secure. It is never shared.

Thanks for joining the Guidance For Your Soul community!

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